Luca Bianchi Sommelier

Luca Bianchi was born in the Lake Como region in 1979.

He was introduced to the world of wine-tasting at a young age and gained work experience in Switzerland and Italy.
He joined the Conca Bella Restaurant as a chef de rang in 2004 and was appointed maître d’hôtel in 2011.

Over the years, Luca developed a strong passion for wine—a world packed with emotion and extensive studies. He qualified as a sommelier in 2012.
Having spent many years searching for the perfect bottle to delight his guests and undertaken a journey of personal development, he currently manages the renowned Conca Bella wine cellar housing more than 4000 bottles and 1100 labels from around the world.

When asked, “Which is your favourite wine?” Luca replies, “The one enjoyed over a special dinner in the company of loved ones.”

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