Andrea Bertarini

Andrea Bertarini was born in the province of Varese in 1982. He grew up in his family’s hotel in Esino Lario, a village situated between the Alpine foothills, the Grigna and the shore of Lake Como.
He attended the hotel management school in Monteolimpino. During that time, he was introduced to the art of cooking, a world that has become his passion and career.
He began his professional career working in well established restaurants in the Como region, and in 2005 he joined the Alajmo brothers at the prestigious Restaurant “Le Calandre” in Sarmeola di Rubano.
In 2007 he landed at the Conca Bella Restaurant as a sous-chef and was promoted to chef in 2012.



Andrea also has a passion for photography, which he believes has a lot in common with the world of cooking: sweet and savoury are like black and white; flavour and blandness are equivalent to over- and underexposure. The trick in both artistic disciplines is knowing how to strike a balance. All the pictures of the culinary creations presented on our website were taken and edited by Andrea.



Andrea expertly combines culinary tradition and ingenuity, applying his outstanding research and improvisation skills to produce exquisite, delicious, exciting dishes.

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